I’m a writer and design researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I’m currently looking for research projects, particularly around health, psychology, and environmental issues. Read more about my experience here.

I’ve worked as a design researcher for 7+ years, and in journalism for over a decade. My work has been published in The Financial Times, WIRED UK, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, Quartz, The Japan Times, Matter, and Tokyo Art Beat.

In my seven years in Tokyo, I worked as a tech reporter for Reuters and for the major Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun. I’ve written about architecture, climate change, design, art, the psychological impact of living with radiation, ADHD medication, feminism, Bolivian bonds, bitcoin and whisky. I like to dig into a topic and breathe, sleep, eat nothing else for weeks or months… before moving on to a new obsession. 

Unusually for a Brit, I have a knack for languages: I speak fluent Japanese, Dutch, and Spanish. (I used to speak Italian and German, but the Spanish and the Dutch — ever the aggressive colonisers — took over.) I can do a passable impression of almost any accent from the British Isles.

Like what you see here and want to commission research or an article?

Get in touch at sophie@kishicut.com