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I’m a journalist and writer focusing on climate change and the intersection of people, culture and their environment. I’m currently working with an EU organisation to tell the story of how we need to transform society at every level to prevent catastrophic levels of warming. I’m currently based in Amsterdam.

As a journalist I worked for the major Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun and then as a tech reporter for Reuters in Tokyo before going freelance. I’ve written about technology, architecture, design, art, the Fukushima nuclear clean-up, Bolivian bonds, bitcoin and whisky. My work has been published in The Financial Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, Quartz, The Japan Times, Matter, and Tokyo Art Beat.

As a design researcher and ethnographer I’ve worked in Japan, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands for STBY and Jan Chipchase’s design research agency Studio D. At STBY, I created design briefings for two climate change challenges launched by What Design Can Do. I also led a six-month investigation into Japan’s living environment for the Asia Pacific Initiative Foundation.

As a copywriter, editor and translator, I’ve translated countless texts on culture and society for clients including leading Dutch architectural studios Bentham Crouwel and Marc Koehler Architects, and cutting-edge cultural centre Shibaura House, oversaw the English edition of MOMENT magazine, handled translation and English copywriting for MONO JAPAN, proofread several books translated from Japanese, created a magazine with think/do tank Re:public, and produced case studies, essays and blog posts with design firm AQ.

At the moment I’m focusing on the human impact of climate change. The central theme of my work up to this point has been on bettering people’s lives, highlighting labour abuses, and identifying ways to improve unhealthy environments.

I have a talent for words and a knack for picking up languages. I speak near-native Japanese, fluent Dutch, and Spanish. I used to speak fluent Italian and German, and can pull up an assorted ragbag of words from other languages I’ve picked up along the way. “Her superpower is being able to conduct an interview in another language and transcribe it into English on the spot.” I am British-Irish and have the infallible dry sense of humour that comes with such a heritage.

Like what you see here and want to commission an article, research, or copywriting?

Get in touch at sophie [at] kishicut [dot] com.

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